About Us

Company Overview

We are Specialists In: Non-Destructive Testing, Materials Testing and Inspection, Quality Assurance, Failure Investigations, Consultancy, Application in Civil/Structural and Foundation Engineering.

Mission Statement

To cater for the services of the infrastructural projects by providing excellence and professionalism in the services offered to our clients

Leeds Engineering Company Ltd has built a strong reputation for delivering a quality services on time. We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of Materials Testing and application in Civil/Structural and Foundation Engineering and this, combined with our extensive knowledge of the market of countries in the East African region, Which has established us as an equal player in this industry.


Our commitment to innovation and excellence invariably results in a successful completion of projects for our clients. We understand and promote the idea of working as a partnership with our clients to ensure their goals are met.


At Leeds Engineering Company Ltd, we never rest upon our laurels and are passionate and driven to continue the high levels of customer satisfaction we have achieved over the past.

Impartiality Policy Statement

Leeds Engineering Company Limited, its Directors, Quality Manager and Technical Manager, Staff and others involved in the laboratory activities of Organisations fully understand the importance of impartiality in undertaking its Laboratory activities.

Leeds Engineering Company Limited will therefore ensure that in its dealings with customers or potential customers, all employees or other personnel involved in Laboratory activities are, and will remain, impartial.

To ensure that impartiality is both maintained and can be demonstrated, Leeds Engineering Company Limited has identified and risk assessed all relationships which may result in a conflict of interest or pose a threat to impartiality.

Environment, Health and Safety Statement

Leeds Engineering Company Limited (LECL), believes that leading environmental, health and safety performance contributes to our competitive strength and benefits our customers, shareholders and employees as well as the environment. The safety of our workforce and the protection of our environment are of primary importance to LECL. To protect our employees and the environment , we are committed to: providing a safe and healthy working environment as a prerequisite to our operations; continuous improvement in minimizing our environmental impacts, preventing pollution and limiting depletion of natural resources; and the on-going reduction of risks at our operating sites.

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